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Greater flexibility, lower cost, and same quality of service in the palm of your hands.
Access personalized workouts and nutrition plan through Trainerize app. 
Keep up with your progress and daily tasks to get you one step close to your personalized goals.
Direct communication access with your coach.
Designated app to maintain clear focus on your health and fitness goals. Weekly check-ins to stay fully engaged in the process of improving them 
Your one-stop resource for all things related to your program.
Access your roadmap, new information and resources to aid in your learning journey.
Submit an application below and we will reach back to you to schedule a consultation where we can happily answer all your questions.

Thank you for submitting your application!

  • What do I need to bring?
    Gym shoes, water bottle, and a towel!
  • How often do we track my progress?
    Every week ✅
  • Could I try out a training session with you?
    Yes of course! Whether you are still in the process of contemplation or have already decided, I like to process people in the same way by providing a free complimentary session that will consist of a 20 minute consultation and 45 minute training session. My goal is to always leave you with something.
  • How long are each session?
    Each sessions are 60 minutes duration which includes the warm up / stretches and main workout.
  • What if I can't make my session?
    No worries! You have a 12 hour window to cancel any scheduled appointments.
Bringing Our In-Person Method ONLINE
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