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Break Down Your Goals

Science and Lifestyle Based Training Method for:
Weight Loss, Muscle & Strength Building, and Fundamental & Functional Training


How it works

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(1) Assess
Onboarding introduction; get us to know you and your situation. Assess abilities and identify any muscle imbalance or tightness.
(2) Plan
Present a personalized roadmap
and nutrition plan starting at a
specific phase to get to your goals.
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If you like this image I encourage you t
(3) Training
1-on-1 Coaching & weekly check-ins to track fitness progress and making sure new milestones are reached.

Our edge are the results we give and the method we use as certified trainers.

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Get the same 5-star quality service you deserve whether you are in person or online


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New Phase Training Team

Coach Dominic

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As a personal trainer, I specialize in helping teenagers to young adults lose weight, build muscle, and improve in functional strength permanently starting from scratch with mobility and through careful planning and development.

With almost a decade of experience in weightlifting, accredited in National Academy Sports Medicine, and earned a Bachelor's in Rehabilitation Sciences, I have the expertise and resources to guide you towards lasting success.

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Coach Josh

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I became a coach to help people achieve their goals through a combination of proper diet and nutrition, and a strong mindset. I come from a family background of weightlifters and have used my knowledge and experience to become knowledgeable in several aspects of diet and nutrition.


I believe that with a well nourished body comes a strong mind, and I am dedicated to helping my clients reach their goals with a focus on balance and simplicity.

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